Here at the Hill Church we believe that faith in God is a life long process of being transformed by God’s love and grace and becoming who God intended us to be. This process, called spiritual formation, is where we submit to God’s call on our lives and become more like Christ. We believe this happens through study, service, worship, and fellowship. We encourage all members and participants of our church to join in the many opportunities to grow in the knowledge and grace of our God.

This year we have produced a Spiritual Formation Guide to describe the process of spiritual formation and the many ministries of our church. If you have not read this guide we encourage you to do so and be blessed by what God is doing at First Reformed.

The Ministries of the Spiritual Formation Team are as follows:

Vacation Bible School

Ready to travel back in time?

August 7th -11th

5:45pm to 8:00pm

Ages Nursery through 6th grade

Bible stories, food, games, music, and fun!!

Join us in Rome! Paul and the Underground Church.

You’ll explore the caves of the Underground

Church, meet the Apostle Paul, create cool

Bible-times projects, experience thrilling

real-life dramas, play high-energy games,

sample tasty Mediterranean snacks, and hear

unforgettable music. Plus, you’ll meet lots of new friends!


Hot meal every night, FREE

Invite your friends and neighbors!!



Sunday School

Workshop Wonders

Our Sunday school program for children kindergarten to Sixth grade. Children gather together in a one room schoolhouse format with all ages together.

There is a monthly bible story that is presented to the students each week in four unique workshops which allows the students to learn in a variety of ways.

The four workshops are Art/or Crafts, Storytelling, Games, and Music & Missions.


Art/or Crafts

Workshop Leader: Katrina Devoe Smallwood

Description: Students respond to the message of the Bible story with personal art projects. Throughout the year the students will make many projects to take home and spread the Biblical message.



Workshop Leader: Karen Harrington

Description: Students hear the Bible passage first hand, through the story telling of Karen Harrington. Students are transported back to Biblical times to live within the story.


Music & Missions

Workshop Leader: Carol Ann Freeman

Description: You won’t find peace and quiet very often at this workshop! Students raise their voices, play instruments and move their bodies in praise to the Lord.

Also students will make a connection between the Bible story and serving God in this world. They will explore the many opportunities of missions locally and globally.



Workshop Leader: Morgan Jacobson

Description: Students hear the story through games, puzzles, quizzes, book searches, maps, and bible story books.




Adult Care and Share Class

This Adult Sunday School class will run from 8:45am to 9:30am in the upper room across from the snack attack area.  The Upper Room Devotional will be used as a basis for the class, also each class will have a discussion on daily life.

Leaders:  Joe and Renee Schmidt






The multi-generational class

Who is it For? 

The multi-generational class is meant for 6th graders up to adults. Both the young students and adults learn from each other and also get to know each other better.

Where does it meet?

The class is held in the fellowship hall.

Who are the teachers?

Bob Schoonmaker

What are the Topics?

The topics for discussion go along with the Worship theme for that particular Sunday and the class takes time to go deeper into the topic.

What is the format?

The class is in a large group setting with small groups meeting around tables. Discussion happens around the tables in an intimate setting and then comes large group discussion plus a teaching time. The class also includes interactive activities and fun games.



Sunday School Schedule

First Class: October 5th, 2014

End Date: June 21st, 2014

Time: Classes begin during the church service after the children’s message.

Classroom space – Care and Share Room off of Fellowship Hall




¨ November 30th, 2014

¨ December 28th, 2014

” April 5th, 2015


Study Seminars:

(Second Tuesdays of the Month 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, October to May)

The study seminars are on a variety of spiritual and biblical topics to help each person grow in his/her faith. Check out the list of seminars in the Spiritual Formation Guide for more information.


Spiritual Growth

Worship Series & At Home Study:

We continue to offer a format of combing our worship themes with helps and studies for at home, Sunday school and small groups. This format continues to allow a greater access to spiritual growth for all those involved in church.

Take Home Devotions: Every week there is provided a take home devotional with scripture passages which follow the weekly themes for Sunday School. One can find these devotionals in the back of the sanctuary titled “Refrigerator Devotions.” These devotions help each person do their own personal study and encounter God’s words first hand.

Take Home Hymns: Along with copies of the hymn of the month there will be copies of the children’s hymn that will be sung during the service. As an individual or family you can take these songs home and praise God in a new way. The best part of singing hymns at home is it doesn’t matter if you are out of tune and besides singing in the shower always sounds better.

Daily Devotionals: The church provides free copies of “Words of Hope” devotionals for at home study. These devotionals can be found in the back of the church and usually cover a three month span. The devotionals are written by pastors, missionaries, and church members. The devotions are short and inspiring and are a great way to incorporate at home study in your daily life.

Self Study: There are many ways to deepen your faith at home.  One way is to read novels which have spiritual themes or meaning of life questions to them. Throughout the year you can check the website to see a list of suggested novels to read.

Throughout the year there are Study seminars offered and these seminars include suggested readings and other home study options.


Coming Year

This last year has been a wonderful time of learning and growing. It is a blessing to look back at all of the programs and the challenges and changes we have been through and see how the Lord is moving and shaking at the First Reformed Church in Walden. God is blessing us every day and challenging us to step out of our comfort zones and spread His word to all. Lastly in the year to come we hope to continue to grow our team and refine the spiritual formation offerings of the Hill Church.