Backpack Snack Attack:

The Mission Team of the First Reformed Church of Walden in conjunction with the Valley Central School District started this program in the spring of 2010. (The program is based on an already existing program being run in Warwick, N.Y.) Most schools have programs to feed needy children during the week, but on the weekends the children may be going without much food.
The program allows these children to eat at home on weekends when school meals are not available.

The caring staff at Valley Central School selects the needy children. The Mission Team at First Reformed Church buys  the food in individually sized, ready-to-eat packages, packs them in bags, and delivers them to the local schools to be privately put in these children’s pack backs to take home on the weekends.

How You Can Help? Volunteers: always needed to shop, pack, deliver and fundraise.

Donations: checks can be made out to: First Reformed Church (Please note: “Backpack Snack Attack” in the memo section of your check.) or Backpack Snack Attack.

Contact information:

Program Team:  Susan Kennedy 845-778-7419  or Angel Santana 845-778-3072

Valley Central School District:  Barbara Gravel 845-457-2400 ext. 16532


Montgomery Food Pantry:

First Reformed Church is one of the founding members of the Montgomery Food pantry and we support this ministry through giving money & food, volunteering time, and providing leadership. The food pantry distributes food weekly to families & individuals within the Valley Central school district. Our church staffs the food pantry for a whole month four times a year.

Ways to serve: Working the food pantry, donation of food, and the giving of money through Goodwill envelopes. Call the church office or contact Lee Wilson to find out more.

 Church Liaison: Lee Wilson


Newburgh Ministry:

The Newburgh Ministry is a community center/hospitality house in the east end of the city of Newburgh. They take a different approach to ministry with the poor. Instead of trying to fix the individuals and systems that they as helpers had identified as having gone awry, they listen to people living and working in the neighborhood and to their understanding of the problem. They form partnerships with the community and then go about finding solutions.  First Reformed Church provides support through financial giving, providing volunteers, yearly clothes drive, and through prayer.

Ways to serve: Volunteer to sleepover at the ministry, donation of clothing, and Goodwill envelopes. Call the church office or contact the Program leader to find out more.

Program Leader: Valeria Weingartner