The Life Together team’s focus is on connecting individuals to the whole body of Christ. As Christians we need each other. The ministries of Life Together are meant to connect us to each other and provide a place for care and support. At First Reformed there are many opportunities to share with each other throughout the week, including large, midsized, and small groups.


The Life Together team will still include fellowship events and dinners, but will also include different group settings. The ministries of Life Together are as follows:

Sunday morning Fellowship:

Every Sunday after the 10:00 am service there is a wonderful time of fellowship. Fellowship time continues to grow and be an important part of our time together as a church.

Cindy Davis and Phyllis O’Connell are heading up the morning fellowship and are in need of people to sign-up to bring food on an individual basis.


Soup & Bread:

(First Sunday of the Month  11:15-12:15, Oct. to May)

To coincide with communion there is soup and bread for the fellowship time the first Sunday of every month. Soup and bread continues to draw many people and much of the church looks forward to this special time of being together.


Cindy Davis and Phyllis O’Connell are heading up “soup and bread” and they encourage people to bring a crock-pot of soup to share the first Sunday of the month. If interested in helping with this ministry please see Glenn Davis.



Youth Group

4:00pm- 4:45pm               Daily Activity

4:45pm- 5:00pm          Refreshments

5:00pm- 5:30pm      Songs/Daily Devotion

We are going to have weekly activities, projects and trips. Our Goal is help give back to the community. We will be visiting hospitals, nursing homes, to capture smiles and bring love with Christian Fellowship.

Bring your instruments bring your friends. This spring we will bring Community service back to Walden. It all starts with your participation. I look forward to seeing you.

Youth Leader: Angel Santana Jr


Volunteers are all welcome.

Questions please call 845-778-5405

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Men’s Breakfast & Devotional:

(Saturday Mornings 7:30 am to 8:30 am)

Men’s breakfast meets every Saturday morning in the Fellowship Hall. Men’s breakfast starts with food, then moves to devotions, and prayers. Men’s breakfast is a wonderful time to connect with other men and share with and support each other in our journey of faith. The men of the group volunteer to take turns giving the Saturday devotion.  They also support different things in our church and community with the donations that they take in each week.



Life Groups:
These individual groups get together regularly for times of worship, study, celebration, support and basically to “do life together.” Life groups get people of all ages together in monthly or bi-weekly get-togethers in peoples homes throughout the community. Life groups usually have between 6 to 10 people involved in a more intimate setting, where deeper relationship can be developed.

Currently there are four life groups meeting and there are plans for more groups to be formed in the coming months. If you are interested in being involved in these intimate groups, you can contact the church office with your desires.

No matter where a person is on their faith journey, our Life Group ministry is designed to connect people and help them to grow more into the likeness of Christ together.  We encourage everyone to be involved in these life changing groups.   

If you are interested in a small group please talk with one of our Elders.