Our global missions happen through financial giving, local projects sent out globally, and short term experiences in mission groups.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to get involved and a variety of projects to get connected with. There are two main

types of global missions to get involved in: @ home projects and short term mission trips.


Home Projects:

Operation Christmas Child:  has been a long standing ministry of our church and this ministry is through the global

ministry of the Samaritans purse. Each November shoe boxes of needed supplies are collected and then sent throughout

the World (Including the U.S.) to children living in poverty. Information regarding Operation Christmas Child is handed

out in Sunday School classes in October and can be found on the table in the back of the church. This year the Youth Group

will be spearheading this ministry.




Hearts for Hungary:

Hearts for Hungary is First Reformed Church’s global mission to the country of Hungary.  It exists to meet the needs

identified by missionaries, the Hungarian Church and state social workers.  Its varied work includes working with orphaned,

refugee and disabled children; teaching English on behalf of the Hungarian Church; and worshiping as brothers and sisters with

the gypsy community.  It is also in partnership with GoodSports International, assisting them with their Baseball outreach

programs in small villages in Eastern Hungary.


You can help with the work of Hearts for Hungary through donating supplies (such as used baseball equipment) to the childrens’ programs,

and through financial donations.  There are also opportunities to go to Hungary through one of the Short-Term Experiences in Mission

[S.T.E.M., see below]

Contact: Carol Ann Freeman (Founder & Ministry Partner to Hungary)






S.T.E.M. Groups:

S.T.E.M.  (Short-Term Experiences in Mission) are opportunities to get your hands dirty and experience missions first hand. We have

learned that one of the best ways to impact a person’s spiritual life and to get them excited about our church’s overall mission; sharing

God’s grace with each other, Walden, and the world; is to have them go on STEMS. Through STEMS, we support individuals and teams who

desire to experience missions on a personal level.


S.T.E.M. opportunities occur throughout the year and can be one day trips to weeklong trips.  Each year the church will sponsor different

trips and also individuals can plan their own trips.



Past S.T.E.M. Opportunities:

“House of Hope” Honduras trip 2010. Eleven people from our church went to Honduras to do construction, bible studies, and some medical

work with orphanages. The trip was a life changing experience and the team were the hands and feet of Christ to little children.


Hearts for Hungary. In the past few years First Reformed has sent several people along with director Carol Ann Freeman to Hungary. The work

has varied and includes work with orphanages, refugee camps, the Roma People, and teaching English.

Contact: Church office for more information